Thursday, March 21, 2013

Italy language for kids facts

The culture of the United States. Furnace, spaghetti, pizza, and they liked but without being overwhelmed with them culture and tradition meet Italy known popular recipes in other cultures before a child is not fun and fascinating things in fact, persuade them to maintain interest in their history, and for people to learn about sharing with us, share the view of an unknown language of Italy plot.

Santamareugerita teresajobannni the first Queen of Italy restaurant pizza delivery. The world's first pizza made in Italy flag to make a particular dish, mozzarella cheese, basil, red and pizza in Naples around 1830 opening: white tomatoes. So leave the Palace of the Queen's horse, called a Pizza Pizza in 1905; Pizza Hut opens first American.
The meaning of the peninsula of Rome Italy, romance, Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Tirana, Ligurian Sea, Aegean Sea, surrounded by the capital city of Italy. Surrounded by water on 3 cases of 75% or more, Italy. Three down Italy explosion, seuteurombolri volcano, Etna. Earthquakes experienced in other European countries. The birth of 1452, Leonardo DA Vinci was Italy's renowned artist, inventor and scientist. "The last supper" and "Mona Lisa in his most famous painting is a military weapon flying machine.

Italy's other famous artists are born, 1647 his most famous is David ", with" Pete "he painted the ceiling of the famous Cathedral of cysteine. Italy, small animals of the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei 1564 thinks it was her sky, telescope observations. The Earth Orbited around the Sun has already realized, he is given the microscope.
Out of 1200 is a community in Italy. The largest is its 1300-1600 Syria, North Africa, Portugal, United Kingdom. 119 spreads of the Roman Empire, Rome, Florence, Renaissance, or play. David is also a question Cathedral and to the progress of science and art, architecture and innovative experience in Italy, experience, many artists draw sketch or weark. Read more.......

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