Thursday, March 21, 2013

Greece, its traditional product

Greece Mediterranean cuisine and delicious food and drink is renowned for warm weather to produce a variety of ideal place. Rich local produce in the traditional food of Greece's home many markets these products which are exported all over the world enjoyed. Eating and drinking at social events in Greece one day and can be a fun way to spend the evening in the company of family.

Traditional olive local Greeks, food culture and will produce historical significance. The ancient Greeks olive oil lamps and cooking used. Olive oil and more than 430000 tonnes, Greece today is produced in particular. Extra virgin olive oil is Greece's best olive oil accounts for 75% of the production of ". Greece oil grass and weeds, Lemony and the tangy smell of a gentleman is an ideal mounting location of high quality brass. Plump Greece Kalamata olive oil for an attractive development.

The most famous is a long tradition of Greece, Greece's feta cheese preparation, goat and sheep's milk feta. Because out of sourdough cheese yogurt cut first. Slices, salt had a drain inserted dies. Two months collecting cheese produced in salt water until Crumbly, moist white as sour, salty feta cheese flavor and a distinctive flavor. Common componentsTraditional Greece cheese pie, such as classical Greece salad recipes. Feta cheese is exported all over the world. Retsina only Greece and traditional white wine, it is where over 3000 years ago. Retsina wine treated with pine tar, a ship built in the world save pine turpentine flavor Retsina, Greece's Retsina. Two other national drink ouzo anise flavored with.Read more....

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