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History of Spain kitchen

Spain is, biodiversity, climate, history and traditions of a variety of homes and to reflect regional 17. Spain Spain's fresh seasonal products, food history and simple tastes lie in a traditional regional style, another ham Serrano, paella cooking purists rejoices as many cultures it represents the merger of it.

Spain has almost completely located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by water. Coast, shellfish and seafood affect geographic fact. There are coastal areas, Mediterranean diet, Mediterranean region, rolling farmland and fertile hilly, mountainous vineyards mostly broom Serrano ham, olives and olive oil, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, white wine.
In many cultures in the history of Spain is a unit is a convergence of the culinary traditions, the immigrants come. Was led by Greece's hot sauce. Olive oil by finding the fruits, nuts, spices, teachers. Rice, food, Spain received the key components of the amazing effects ..., gazpacho soup, winter Moore classic dish tomatoes. In 1492 Christopher Columbus's visit is another major influence Spain Food USA. Years later, brought new sailors I Spain vanilla, chocolate, beans, tomatoes and potatoes of varieties of many of these items now are important elements of Spain's diet. For example, sausage, olives, tomatoes, Serrano prepared tapes and shellfish often see potatoess.

Spain's tapes to serve one of the most famous tapas food makes before or the. Special wine, taste our appetizers are great tapes service history first of all for bartender plate glass bartenders keep wine from fruit flies to cover a piece they are olives, cheese, Ham, pork, shrimp, marinated vegetables, has long had active clients, managers, food diversity, support, they further complicate matters.
People often confuse the two Latin America and Spain kitchen areas share a common dish beyond language components. Spain Spain historical kitchen chili pepper to taste how rich and spicy Latin America. Main spices used in Spain, garlic, saffron, paprika are bitter, sweet, other popular components. Pepper adds some eating summer. Nutmeg, Cinnamon, olive oil, vinegar and other traditional elements of Spain.
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