Monday, April 8, 2013

History of food service management

Ancient Roman food stalls, traditional food service industry and teaches the onset of food service technology. Now keep many college admissions or Server Manager, food supply program management services 66% of people who have been trained in the operation and less on operations. Stored food shipping methods change drastically, technical resources, cost savings, efficient additives, food service manager are going to be a little fresh food storage, preservatives for the balance it needs.

Many of the religious orders in the middle ages people every day, ate the nobility of hiring a chef to serve travelers, inns, taverns, monastery, and hostelries. Recorded the oldest Guild was established to protect the secrets of cooking. Only members of the Guild of tricks learned. Western Foodservice & tree "careful, cost accounting, perhaps, is the first of the modern science of food service."Opinion costs.
For thousands of years, reach or people ever eating it I was very close to the rural population, for the most part, you will not be able to travel. I mean that the demand for the delivery of the industrial revolution, the city's mass conversion of food long distances. Possible cargo vehicles, such as the New Testament and frozen food storage on provides the time to stay longer.
Food processing company's request for a new Act of the scandal. The 1906 pure food and Drug Act United States meat and dairy industry Upton Sinclair novel "poor sanitary conditions" jungle passage caused public outcry when acting.

Employment, of the army, hospitals, prisons, the chef of many millions. However, the second world war, the world is full of the distribution, conservation and packaging innovation, the need for emergency supplies in the army brought a huge food transport production. And this, from the military to buy 80% of food in 1943, 1944, 1945, 20% growth.
Effort homes after World War II when the army health food nutrition institutional food service is a minimum standard of education of the for reform and development. The national training agency malnourished children should aim to protect, began in 1946.
371000 food service, in 2004, the employment statistics, 40 percent of the small-business owner to manage. Food Services Manager, nursing facilities, institutions, private sector companies and Government facilities and hotel, restaurant and food service sites, hospitals, is the ability to offer employees.Read more.....

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