Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wine Umbria, Italy travels

Castles, fortresses, watchtowers, world-famous handmade pottery, wine-Tuscany Hills wanted all over, right? No, Umbria! Tuscany Italy Umbria Marche Lazio to the West, South-East of hidden between "lost" for a long time. Now! Niche Castle, wine tasting, enjoys among the best agencies for English that is widely offered in Italy and Italian phrases for better but throughout Umbria, is spoken.

These travel Umbria family friendly and is physically suitable for the car wheels challenge. They walk long distances is not recommended for personal problems. Le Baccanti Sagrantino grapes, stunning tours put together tasting Umbria, 1 Eastern region. Peru you started English speaking driver/guide with a Mercedes car your idyllic Umbrian country, its history, traditions, explain the farm expands Gualdo Cattaneo, Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG Castel Ritaldi. DI Montefalco Umbria Dell 'appetite is manufactured within the community At least two wineries, you will have the opportunity to visit.
While you're there, gourmet food shop, meat, salt, truffles, pasta with Umbrian gastronomic pigs as special treatment is the time to buy. Umbrian cuisine offers tasty lunch at local Trattoria is a guest a must. On this tour 1 day adventure is the apotheosis because those looking for.
Enjoy about from the boniest wines produced in Europe, Umbria Umbria accepts you to historical metropolises like when some of the oldest of 5 days come and taste the best wine grapes incoming the area, also as during the tour of Umbria wine wineries; Assisi, Orvieto, Montefalco, in Umbria to enjoy local cuisine, visit the real taste of many points is perfect for wine and culinary.

7, Umbria travel, you LL ´ in the South-West of Orvieto; Decugnano Arnaldo Caprai estate a beautiful CA ' dei Conti are Barbi Falesco, travel, Scacciadiavoli, Paolo bee, cherry, Pievalta, Moroder, atomic number 57 Distesa, break of day, Velenosi, you travel east across LL. ´ Taste, red, white, dessert wines, Montefalco Sagrantino LL Jesi Verdicchio wine, and red wine with a delicate flower glow Sartarelli province. Private guided tour Winery and Vineyard Vineyard with To produce the best wine tasting VIP: blogs, can enjoy all the property.
A small historic hotel accommodation will choose because level best delectation and comfortableness you private guided and tasting local wine culture is the main focus and enjoys Arts LL ´. Umbria truffles best, olive oil and cheese, as advantageously because additional delicious food is the home of some of the food will be able to forget. "Slow food" holiday in Italy.Read  more....

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