Friday, March 8, 2013

How to find food in the United States in Beijing

American food is rich in Beijing. Dozens in Beijing, people's Republic of China and local famous cuisine, world, United States of America will find food is difficult is not. American fast food, burgers, pizza, ice cream is available in Beijing. Vegetables, local cuisine, if you look at United States foods, French fries, hamburgers to find incredible, did not take long.

McDonald's starts. Them and the whole city was very clean, the bathroom is a good inexpensive coffee. The forbidden city, just a's East wall portrait of Chairman Mao in Tiananmen Square and the forbidden city McDonald's. Also, this is so people sitting on the student and art outdoor tables for sale locally, English and some chat, access to popular locations is the practice of hope.
Visit the famous American chain restaurant. Kentucky Fried chicken is fresh flavor is particularly popular among Chinese Chicken Republic than a spicy rich buffet. Use the Starbucks is identical to the United States with multiple very expensive where the general people's Republic of China can be. Kenny Roger clay jars have been places of Beijing.
You should refer to the TGI Friday morning, Chaoyang District, United States. Suburban America serves American favorites in the people's Republic of China is good. Truly "one-third" about eating the Beijing Hilton East built advanced. Design of the Louisiana mansion and food.

Visit the hard rock cafe Beijing. The restaurant is 8 East ( Liangmahe Dasha West Hall), * Lu morning Chaoyang District, Western and Chinese rock is bit header field very popular place. Many guitars in the shape of a bar and live music. Food find a local United States supermarket. There is also a friendly gift localized United States brand. Many Western food grocery stores & Wal-Mart 3. Is the people's Republic of China to facilitate acceptance of such a large city in food and Western countries.
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