Thursday, February 14, 2013

World famous restaurant in India

The North India food restaurant is the best food restaurant of the world though many of varity cuisine found here. It is very difficult to find the best restaurant in their performance among the huge restaurant in India. After that the best familiar restaurant in the Delhi and Bombay 5 star restaurant. In that location are many restaurants carry a famous in the best restaurant for special dinners and other.

The land on the old Indian restaurant open 1926 and remain now name veeraswamy. It provided regional food and its shape opulent and formal through in India .Many of famous people diner at veeraswamy. On the status of national magazine the best top 10 restaurants among veeraswaamy .
Karim, s
The old Delhi famous restaurant name Karim spicily kebabs and Mughlai .Another famous side their friendly behavior. The story was e convention Mughal emperor Akbar here provided serve and he was a royal family cooker .Karim, s mutton kebabs, butter chicken is the popular and famous food for thought in the world.
Another top rated India restaurant is Amaya located in united kingdom and its owned the group of masala also owns veeraswamy. Her we get Indian grills, shish kebab* and additional grilled dishes that make openly. 2005,2006 two times Amaya awards by the Tito Pepe ITV and Michelin star.

Among the most famous restaurant inward India calls Bukhara. Special here cooks kebabs and tandooris .Another side of the restaurant price is very high in India. Bukhara get 2003,2004,2006,20007 award by the time food award. Statistics of restoring 2007 among the world Bukhara, s position 37.
New York best India restaurant name dives restaurants. 2007,2008 Davy got award one of the best indie restaurants in the United States. Devi Indian food has an outstanding shape that attracts people. This restaurant is called one of the near followed eating place* in New York City. Lambchop and sour pear Indian relish are the most popular and delicious food in the restaurant.Read more...

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